A short introduction to our baby food brand

Ragi and rice are super grains and rich in calcium and, effectively edible because that is considered the best baby food and immunity boosters. It is believed that ragi encourages better absorption. The high calcium and right amounts of iron are useful for the bone development and general improvement of the baby. Shishuposhak baby food is the best brand to give your infant healthy nourishment at a developing age.

Ragi and rice cereal are known for their high dietary benefits and numerous medical advantages. To fulfill the nutrient requirements of our children in our busy routines, it becomes a necessity to depend on outside baby food. We need to find food that is nutritious as well as organic and best for our children in all viewpoints. Rice cereal can furnish your infant with the necessary energy to remain dynamic. Cereals can be useful for bones. A decent wellspring of calcium and magnesium – both are fundamental for solid bones. The Standard servings of rice cereal and ragi baby food with milk can be the right dose of calcium, iron, copper for the infant.

With the proper examination and studies, Chithrakoota Ayurveda has made a solid child food – Shishuposhak, which remembers ragi for the part needed by the newborn children as necessary supplements. Shishuposhak baby food contains proteins, rice, ragi, iron, calcium and is low in calories. It does not show any symptoms of gluten, harmful chemicals, and color.

Shishuposhak baby food advantages –

Ragi controls over-eating just as it causes you to feel full for a more drawn out range of time. The amino acids Lecithin and Methionine reduce the cholesterol levels of the body. The customary foods that we purchase these days include pesticides and synthetic colors. These synthetic substances are unsafe for the development of your child. You need to go for a dependable, sensible, safe, natural, and nutritious brand try Shishuposhak ragi baby food.

1.  Protein

Infant’s accepting a large portion of the protein needs from bosom milk or solid foods. It is an ideal opportunity for your infant to start examining other protein-stuffed food sources like eggs, meat, chicken, fish, and tofu. Get the bundle loaded with required proteins in a supper with Shishuposhak.

2.  Calcium

A growing child needs calcium-rich foods like milk, yogurt, vitamins, etc., which might not be possible to provide from different foods so, Shishuposhak is the best healthy infant food giving the right measure of calcium required by your little one.

3.  Nutrients and vitamins A, B, C, and E

Vitamins A, B, C, and E help in boosting your child’s health from the beginning, encouraging cerebrum and nerve advancement, improvement of the eyes, skin, and height. Vitamin A and C are vital for the skin and digestion process of the human body. But the babies do not like the taste of lemon, orange, etc. Just get the entire bundle of vitamins in a single bite of Shishuposhak as healthy baby food.

4.  High-fat food sources

New-borns get the greater part of their calories from their mother’s milk. However, as they grow up and start eating solid foods, they need proper fat and cholesterol present in meats, yogurt, lentils, and beans. But babies might not be able to intake all these foods, so rice cereals and ragi baby food are the best replacement for such fatty foods. To make this more simple, we recommend you to try the best Chithrakoota Ayurveda item Shishuposhak that has achieved a standout amongst other nourishment.

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