Ayurveda’s five most important regimes for healthy life

Ayurveda in India is the conventional way of all medical treatments. Ayurveda seems to be obsolete in the chaos of modern life, we are being used to materialistic comforts while we are ignoring various other unique gifts that has been offered to us by nature. We have taken the way of artificial practices instead of staying in harmony with nature which eventually has disturbed the stability of our body and piece of mind. Now it’s become very hard to relax, concentrate and have a sound sleep in the night. The imbalance in our living patterns has substantiated in diseases, addictions and ultimately an early demise.

Opting the natural lifestyle in sync with the principles of Ayurveda can prevent us from lavish medical conducts.  Here we are presenting the five most important regimes for healthy life.

Wake up earlier than sun rise

Today’s lifestyle is the root cause of most of the diseases, which can be conveniently overcome by mending our ways and mistakes we do. Regular follow of “The Ayurvedic Dincharya” is the simplest approach to lead a healthy lifestyle. This remedy is accomplished by sleeping on time, waking up two hours earlier than sunrise, performing a simple and mild workout, eating at the correct time and by practicing yoga every day.

Take an instant to breath

We obtain “Prana” energy from the air we breathe and such energy is consumed at the time of taking tiny breathes. Breath oriented exercises like “Pranayam”, rejuvenate our body. It pushes the air’s energy all over in our body, reinstating it and conserving its strength.

Take healthy meals

According to Ayurveda, if you take healthy diet you may never require medicines. The key of having healthy diet is to consume sattvic diet and eat according to your body type. You would be thinking, how one can do this? Well, it’s simple, pick seasonal vegetables and fruits to eat and also consume freshly ready, convenient to digest foods.

Purify your sense organs:             

Ayurveda says, the sense organs (gyaanendriya) should always be cleaned regularly. How it should be done in right way? Daily in the morning clean your eyes properly. You can use Triphla soaked water or Rose water to make it happen, occasionally. Every morning put a few oil drops in both nostrils, brush your teeth and gargle with mild warm water.

Become tougher with yoga

Basic yoga postures comprised in ayurvedic lifestyle, strengthen your body, make you healthy and fit. You become more supple and agile, it makes you to be able to do best in entire life states.

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