Ayurvedic Diet and lifestyle for 2019

Today, many people are turning health conscious and are stringently following Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to stay healthy and fit. The well-balanced Ayurvedic diet would help you get rid of all seasonal diseases. In fact, the craze for Ayurveda in Karnataka and other regions is on the rise from the past decade. 

By embracing Ayurveda diet, you do not need to ingest any medicines instead this cures all the health ailments and symptoms naturally. This is the natural healing technique that was started 5000 years ago. 

The Ayurveda is based on Vedic culture and three doshas. Each of this dosha would have a different body type, personal characteristics, nutritional needs and tendencies. Furthermore, each dosha is made of five crucial elements which includes air, earth, water, fire and ether. No two people will have the same combination of all these three doshas. These doshas will help you find the physical and psychological traits of a person. 

Ayurveda spa is used to maintain balance of all these three doshas. Imbalance in any of these three doshas would be due to unhealthy lifestyle or poor Ayurvedic diet or due to acute stress or doing no or less physical exercises. 

Three doshas of Ayurveda include:

  • Vata: People are skinny and have small bones and they are underweight and suffer with improper digestion. In addition, people with this dosha are creative, broad minded and at the same time are timid and take a lot of stress on them.  

The energy of the Vata dosha would help you perform various functions including circulation of blood, proper breathing and motion. The health issues to which the person with this dosha is prone to is – arthritis, cardiac diseases, insomnia, and neurological disorders. 

  • Pitta: People who fall into this dosha would have an athletic body and can put on muscle weight easily. These people are highly ambitious, competitive, hard working and are very aggressive in nature. 

The energy of the Pitta dosha would help to improve digestion, boost metabolism, absorb nutrients, and maintain body temperature optimal. The common health problems that are prone by the people with this dosha are heart diseases, infections, digestive problems and hypertension.

  • Kapha: These people have a solid body and struggle a lot to put on weight. They are grounded, forgiving nature, but are lazy and are envious of others. 

The positive energy of the Kapha dosha would make you feel relaxed, care for others, build a strong immune system, rest and balance fluids. Health issues that arise include obesity, respiratory issues, and cancer. 

The Ayurvedic diet is given to maintain balance of these doshas.. The Ayurveda in Chithrakoota can cure from digestion problems to infertility issues. Earlier, Ayurveda was famous in India only, but today it is getting high prominence in other parts of the world too. 

Many Ayurveda resorts have come up to cure various types of health ailments, including inflammatory issues, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems and hormonal imbalances. Along with herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathy, massage, meditation and exercise are used to manage and treat various health problems and keep the physical body and mind of humans balanced. 

Basically, meditation and Yoga are also part of Ayurvedic lifestyle 2018. When you take herbs and do yoga every day, it would help you to get relieved from various health problems. 

Wrap Up

The best part of taking Ayurvedic diet is that it boosts the metabolism process, improves health, manages weight, boosts detoxification, reduces anxiety, promotes tranquility, improves fertility, boosts bowel movements and decreases inflammation problems. 

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