Ayurvedic perspective for coronavirus

The worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 in 2020 has bought this world to a standstill. From quarantine to lockdown to isolation that’s the only terms, our life is revolving around from the past 6 months. People are stuck in their homes and all they are waiting for. Though research work on its vaccine and drugs is being carried out across the globe, the results may take longer than expected. Therefore, it is necessary to look over it through alternative sciences. One of which is through the

Ayurvedic perspective on Covid- 19.
COVID-19 is caused by the Noval Corona Virus (nCoV) that is now officially designated as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which is Related to Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The COVID -19 outbreak occurred in
December of 2019 and its epicenter was located in Wuhan China. Since then, this disease has spread to more than 200 countries with over 3000 000 confirmed cases and is still continuing Available symptoms of COVID 19 were thoroughly studied and reviewed through Chitrakoota Ayurveda
and Ayurveda kundapur to understand the nature of the disease with the Ayurvedic perspective. They followed Ayurveda according to which Covid19 is considered as Janapadaudhwans, Aupsargika Vyadhi, Vaat-Kaphaj Sannipatik Jwara, and Dhatupaka Awastha. They tried to understand Covid-19 in a similar way in Ayurveda to understand new diseases which are done by five elements, i.e. Hetu, Purvarupa, Rupa, Upashaya-Anupashaya, and Samprapti.
These elements help us to know about the following-
● Nature of the diseases(Vikara Prakruti),
● Aite of the diseases (Adhisthanam),
● Course of the disease (Samprapti)
● Aggravating factors of the disease.
After understanding these factors in detail, Ayurveda designs the preventive measures and treatment protocol for the disease. Ayurveda has always focused on the concept of individualism and accepts that each individual is unique. But in the situation of this pandemic where almost all people are affected by
the same set of symptoms, the treatment policy can be briefly designed by considering the available information about the disease.

Ayurveda took into account the symptoms given by WHO and told the common symptoms of COVID 19
as follows-
● Jwar (fever)
● Shrama, Klama (tiredness)
● Shushka Kasa (dry cough)
● Shwasa (shortness of breath)
● Anga Mardam (aches and pains)
● Kantha Shoola (sore throat)
● Drava Mala (diarrhea)

● Hrullas (nausea)
● Peenasa (runny nose)

Chithrakoota Ayurvedic Concepts-
They have drawn the following possible pathological models With the help of the available data regarding Covid19 and after going through the Ayurveda classics thoroughly.

  1. Janapada-Udhwamsa Vikara
    Ayurveda considers Covid-19 as Janapada-Udhwamsa Vikara because it has evolved itself into a pandemic. And it is affecting a large number of population irrespective of their dietary patterns, physical features, psychological attributes, etc.
  2. Vaata Kafaja Jwara
    The symptomatology of Covid-19 resembles with the classical features of Vaata Kafaja that Jwaram mentioned in the classics.
  3. Bhuutabhishangajam Jwara
    With special reference to the class of Bhuutabhishangajam Jwara, Covid-19 can be grouped under the class of Aagantuja Vikaara. The management of which follows the lines of Nija Vikaara.
  4. Aupsargika Jwara
    COVID19 is a type of Aupsargika Jwara. This term in Ayurveda is used for diseases that transmit from one human to others by direct contact (Gatra Sansparshat) or through aidropletset (Ni-shwaasat).
  5. Dhatu Paka Awastha
    Covid-19 is among the Few severe conditions that show symptoms of Sannipata Jwar leading to Dhatupaka Awsatha. In the, is all three Doshas get combined and suppress the Dhatu Bala (immunity) of an individual. It further leads to Oja-Kshaya and ultimately Death.
    Etiology of disease in Ayurveda terms
    ● Dosha – Vaata, Kapha Pradhana
    ● Dushya- Rasa, Rakta, Mansa, Oja
    ● Adhisthana- Koshtha (Aamashaya and Ura Pradesha)
    ● Strotas- Pranavaha Strotas, Annavaha Strotas
    ● Awastha or Stage 1: Vaat Kaphaj Jwara

● Stage 2: Vaat Kafaj Sannipatik Jwara
● Stage 3: Sannipatik Jwara, Dhatupaka Awastha.
● Upashaya- Pravar Bala- Uttam Upashaya
● Anupashaya: Vrudha Vaya – Anupashaya.

Ayurveda performed a molecular docking study and find out that the binding energy and inhibition of 6 Gingesulphoniacidsid from Zingiber Officinalis (Sunthi) is greater than hydroxychloroquine and quinine Because the phytoconstituents follow the Lipinski rule of five, they were selected and their Target prediction was done on target of SARS-COV-2, humoral immunity, and antiviral activity. Thus, from the above results obtained and after the virtual screening of selected drugs we found Ayurvedic medicine for immunity or boost immunity Ayurveda for initial treatment of Covid-19. We can further conclude that Nagaraadi Kashaya(Sunthi, Guduchi, Puskarmoola, Kantakari,) may show appreciable results in combating Covid-19. And Nagaraadi Kashayam, a classical formulation can be a trial candidate of Ayurveda India for conducting the further clinical trial.

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