What are the misconceptions towards Ayurveda these days?

Today, people have started welcoming natural and holistic lifestyle approaches. But, Ayurveda, which is the oldest system of medicine still being embraced with misconceptions among the people. The information transferred among the public has been in the form of myths and delusions. Sadly, the public has ignored Ayurvedic treatments and their remedies due to uncertainty on information and false understanding about the natural healing system. Hence, this article aims at providing the relevant facts and debunk the misleading concepts surrounding Ayurvedic practices.

Here are the few common misconceptions about Ayurveda

#Myth 1 – Ayurveda doesn’t require a doctor and can be cured at home – A patient might have been cured from consuming an Ayurvedic medicine without consulting a doctor, and he advises several other people around him to follow the same steps for healing. This is a misconception, which people are not aware that Ayurvedic medicines are prescribed based on a person’s body constitution (Prakriti).

#Myth 2 – Ayurvedic treatment is not that effective – Some of the Ayurveda treatments react faster, and others react slower and steady way since they ensure organs and tissues don’t harm during the process of healing. Ayurvedic treatments find the root cause of the disease as opposed to western treatments where they just try to treat the symptoms instead of seeking the root cause and permanent solutions. Hence, this is a myth about Ayurveda that the treatment is not effective in Nature, which is immoral.

#Myth 3 – Ayurvedic medicines require a longer time to exhibit effects – There are misconceptions that Ayurvedic medicines are slow to react, making impatient patients fall back on Ayurvedic treatments. But this fact is not meant to be a valid point. For instance, Pachanamruta kashayam is a fluid that can reduce fever in a few hours. It doesn’t take days together to see its effect.

#Myth 4 – Ayurveda cannot be utilized all sorts of illness – Ayurveda can cure certain sorts of diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s. Since various patients turn to Ayurveda Vaidya after getting treatment from Allopathy, where the 

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