There is no specific age when your child will be prepared to begin eating solid foods. Solid foods, purees contain vitamins, minerals, and fats, which are essential for the human body to grow properly. Always try to start with those foods that have their natural taste like sweet, sour, etc.

Ragi is a miracle grain and makes nutritious food for infants. It’s known as finger millet in English. Start with the best baby food brand shishoposhak baby food. Ragi contains all the necessary supplements to make it an ideal best first baby food. Ragi baby food has an exceptionally elevated level of dietary fiber that decreases blockage, increases immunity, and improves digestion. It is enriched with vitamin C and iron.


Cereal, especially rice, was the most loved first food since it’s not difficult to process. Infant grains that contain iron are one alternative. You can start with any grain, for example, rice, oat, or grain, or a multi-grain. While cereals may be the best baby food and the correct decision for your baby. But before giving any food, first, consult with your doctor.


Avocados are one of nature’s ideal food because they contain so many supplements. They are rich in vitamin B and C, minerals, and loads of mind building omega-3 unsaturated fats. Indeed, 88% of an avocado is good fat. It controls glucose and helps in backing a solid cardiovascular system. Avocados give babies a smooshy taste. They are considered the best baby food for your infant.


Apples are a yummy, colorful thick best first baby food for an infant. They’re not difficult to process, high in boosting supplements, dissolvable fiber, and completely sweet all alone. Apples are high in polyphenols and phytonutrients. These are strong cancer prevention agents and shield a child from sickness, loose bowels. You can easily blend some apple pieces and make a thick smoothie for babies.


Salmon is one of the world’s best food sources. It is because they are very nutritious and contain minerals and a high substance of omega-3 unsaturated fats. Salmon help improves bone wellbeing, support brain functioning, and heart movements in babies. Try some different recipes with some veggies.


In only one serving of green beans, the infant will get a large portion of some vital supplements. These supplements can help forestall many conditions including, asthma, ear diseases, and even cold and influenza. Although green beans have a rich green tone, they will furnish the child with carotenoids, typically found in shaded products of the soil. These carotenoids are supporting cancer prevention agents that will help keep babies away from sickness.


Bananas and infants are equivalent. Bananas are sweet, soft, and simple to eat. They make an ideal and best first baby food for the child. Reward – you don’t need to leave, steam, puree bananas. Just peel off, squeeze with your finger, and serve. Banana and dry fruit purees are also a good option for breakfast. More seasoned children love to crunch bananas while they play.


The healthy benefit of sweet potatoes is exceptional. Also, its sweet taste makes it overly tasty for your child from their absolute first bite. They are high in beta carotene, mineral, and potassium. It likewise contains Vitamin E, calcium, and folate. Because of their high fiber content, sweet potatoes help all the stomach related problems of your infant

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